Amazing Word Puzzle Game for iPhone

  • Find the hidden words by combining the letters on the game board
  • Use your previous guesses to find the missing words
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • Play in English, German and Danish
  • Compete against other players with Game Center

What is WordBoard

WordBoard is an amazing word puzzle for your iPhone. The goal is to clear the board of 36 letters which can be arranged into a number of hidden words. You can play with three different word lengths, finding 12 words of 3 letters, 9 words of 4 letters or six words of 6 letters.


The closer a guess is to one of the hidden words, the more points you get. And the more valid guesses you find, the more points you score.
Finally there is a time bonus. So the goal is to find as many valid guesses as fast as possible.

On the bottom of the screen you can see the best guesses for the hidden words. By using the color coding, you can see how well the letters fit the a hidden word.
Use these hints to find the hidden words. If you tap on of the best guesses you will get a list of all valid guesses for that word.


If you are stuck you can press the hint button to get other forms of hints. These hints cost Hint Coins. There are several ways to get Hint Coins.
Play every day to collect coins as a bonus. Every time you find a hidden word directly without any previous guesses you get coins and if you get a string of valid guesses without any invalid guesses you also get coins.
Lastly you can buy more Hint Coins from the AppStore.

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